Perkins Sophomore Kamryn Ohly Has A Superpower 

Perkins High School sophomore Kamryn Ohly
Like a growing number of young women across the United States, Perkins High School sophomore Kamryn Ohly has a superpower. It involves computer coding for websites and mobile apps.

She recently received word that her impact is already getting noticed.

For her technology skills, Kamryn is among 400 women in high schools across the nation to be named recipients of the 2019 Aspirations in Computing awards by the National Center for Women & Information Technology, an organization that supports and promotes programs for women in technology.

Among 4,300 applications for the award, Kamryn was one of 360 young women to receive an honorable mention. Forty other young women received the top honors as National Winners.

While she did not win the top honor, “I am super, super happy,” Kamryn said.

Kamryn’s award was in part for a website coding club she started at Briar Middle School last school year. The club, she explained, is just to teach kids how to program websites. She had about 20 kids in the club last year, she said.

“I feel it’s such an important skill to have,” Kamryn said. “Technology is the face of the future.”

Everyone has mobile phones and tablets, and that is how people communicate, she said. And, it’s not going away anytime soon, she noted.

Started with a sick day

Kamryn stumbled into computer programming as a middle schooler during a sick day from school. She says while at home that day, she started feeling better and picked up her mobile phone. She clicked around on Instagram and discovered supermodel Karlie Kloss hosts a computer coding summer camp in New York City for girls. She applied and was accepted. 

Kamryn attended one of the “Kode With Klossy” camps in July 2016. (And, yes, she met the supermodel while at camp in New York City.) She fell in love with coding. “I just knew that’s what I wanted to do the rest of my life,” Kamryn says. “We called coding a superpower because that’s how we’re going to change the world.” (Article continues below photo)

Perkins sophomore Kamryn Ohly with supermodel and supercoder Karlie Kloss

As part of her application for the Aspirations in Computing awards, she explained her dream is to provide education about computer science on a global scale and improving human rights around the world. She also wants to pursue ways to make the world of social media into a more positive atmosphere.

Kamryn for 2019 has a goal of creating a mobile app and selling it on the Apple App Store. And, looking beyond high school, she hopes to pursue a computer science degree at Harvard University, New York University, or Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“I have always wanted to work at Google,” Kamryn said. “I hope to become a professional developer and discover new ways for technology to revolutionize our world.

In the near future, Kamryn said she expects this spring to fire up the coding club again at Briar and share her “superpower” with even more Perkins kids.

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