PHS Artists Receive National Scholastic Gold Medals 
PHS senior Jay Hunter, Art Teacher Donna Hensley, and PHS senior Kyler Capizzi

Perkins High School seniors Kyler Capizzi and Jatavion “Jay” Hunter are getting invites to Carnegie Hall.

Their artwork has been awarded Gold Medals in the National Scholastic Art Awards competition. Kyler’s sculpture additionally was awarded an “American Vision” medal, the highest honor given to a single artist in each region of the country.

“This is big,” said Perkins High School Art Teacher Donna Hensley on Wednesday when she announced the awards to her art class. “These students get to go to Carnegie Hall with their families. It’s a huge ceremony.” 

The Scholastic Award winners’ names were posted online Wednesday morning. The winners come from across the nation after their artwork reviewed by a panel of judges in New York.

This is the first time a Perkins High School student has been honored with the national award, Mrs. Hensley said. In January, Jay and Kyler, as well as five other Perkins High students were honored with regional Scholastic Gold Key awards for their artwork.

Both students called their parents from the classroom to share the news with them on Wednesday. 

Kyler, a Perkins High wrestler just coming off the wrestling state championship this past weekend, is looking forward to going to New York.

“I can’t wait to go to New York and get some New York pizza,” Kyler said.

Meantime, Jay was bouncing with joy in the art class. “I’m just so hyped,” he told classmates.

Kyler’s untitled sculpture is a reflection of himself – an outdoors lover. The lamp-and-table sculpture includes bones and teeth from coyotes and groundhogs, as well as nails and BBs.

Jay’s mixed-media work titled “Equal” resembles a tattered American flag (it’s not a real flag) is the central platform for his message of discontent. The work reflects the current racial unrest in the nation and it has a message dating back to the Civil Rights era, he said.

In June, Kyler and Jay, as well as the other National Medalists from across the United States, will be honored at Carnegie Hall with their families and educators during a week of celebration in New York City.

The Awards season will culminate in the summer, with the launch of the Art.Write.Now.Tour, a traveling public exhibition featuring select 2019 National Medalists’ works.

Posted by j_stacklin On 13 March, 2019 at 2:07 PM