Aquatones Splash A Bit Of Flair Into 'Frozen' 
Lily Gross and Katie Visci star as Anna and Elsa

The calendar may read that spring happens on Wednesday, but Perkins High School will be all about “Frozen” through Saturday evening.

This year’s Aquatones will perform the Broadway version of the wildly popular Disney musical “Frozen” on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings in the Perkins High School natatorium. The musical is the tale of two sisters, Anna and Ice Queen Elsa, and how their kingdom is caught in a perpetual winter.

The Perkins High School synchronized-swimming troupe includes senior Katie Visci and junior Lily Gross as lead characters, sisters Elsa and Anna. Also in lead roles are sophomore Julia Stanfield as Kristof, and sophomore Ella Crabtree in dual roles as Hans and the loveable snowman Olaf. (Article continues below photo)

Cast of 'Frozen'

The cast includes 15 girls in various roles, as well as a crew of boys helping with production (and a splashing-around number just after intermission). There also is a group of behind-the-scenes high school girls who manage quick costume changes, prop availability, and smooth transitions from song to song. Under direction of Aquatones advisor Pamela Gross, the cast and crew – as well as several parent volunteers – have been working on “Frozen” since January.

The production includes some amazing scenes. Mrs. Gross noted her favorite scenes are the opening, “Frozen Heart,” the coronation of Queen Elsa during “Dangerous To Dream,” and of course the popular scene from the Disney movie, “Let It Go,” just after intermission.

The set transforms the Perkins High natatorium from a swimming venue into a wintry scene, complete with a custom-built sleigh handmade by maintenance man Jimm Lusher.

Tickets for the production are $6 for adults and $5 for students. Students can buy tickets at lunch. They will also be available at the door. Doors open at 7 p.m.


Cast of 'Frozen'
Posted by j_stacklin On 20 March, 2019 at 10:33 AM