Perkins High Seniors Get $100K+ In Local Scholarships 
Scholarship Night 19

Perkins High School seniors were honored during the 2019 Scholarship Night on Thursday at The Chapel. More than $103,000 from 66 scholarship funds have been awarded to the PHS seniors this school year.

The list of scholarships only includes those awarded by Perkins Local Schools and Erie County Community Foundation funds. Scholarships awarded from outside agencies, organizations and funds, as well as colleges and universities, are not included here.

Scholarship Night 19

Below is a list of the scholarships and the students who won them.

  • Abigail Bastien Memorial Scholarship: Makayla Williams
  • Al’s Golf Scholarship: Kathryn Visci
  • Alan R. Schlessman Scholarship: Andrew McVeigh, Maria Schoder, Sydney Thom
  • Alex Tetzloff Memorial Scholarship: Lucas Salmon, Logan Schoen
  • American Legion Post 83 Scholarship: Lillie Boose
  • American Legion Auxiliary Scholarship: Margaret Wessels
  • Erie County Community Foundation Donor Scholarship: Bella Bodi
  • Barbara Printy-Gaydos Memorial Scholarship: Linh Ngo
  • Bay Area Gas Consortium Scholarship: Kaitlyn Arquette
  • BioClub Scholarships: Kennedy Cantelli, Allison Ewers, Nancy Siegel, Makayla Williams
  • Camile Myers Memorial Scholarship: Hailey Yaratch
  • Charles Waldock Memorial Scholarship: Kalynn Welch, Matthew Schaeffer, McClain Farley, Logan Schoen
  • Chris Smith Memorial Scholarship: Matthew Schaffer, Andrew McVeigh, Olivia Weatherly, Kathryn Visci
  • Civista Bank Scholarship: Margaret Wessels
  • Danny Lang Memorial Scholarship: Logan Schoen, Andrew McVeigh
  • The Bertha & David Wiggins Scholarship: Mckenzie Harris
  • Dennis Lavy Memorial Scholarship: Hannah Baum
  • Donal & Marcia L. Goff Scholarship: Mckenzie Harris
  • Edward Toll Scholarship: Kathryn Visci
  • Erie County OSU Alumni Scholarship: Claire Stefano
  • Howard Kautz Family Scholarship: McClain Farley
  • Howard Lindsley Memorial Scholarship: Jordyn Fields
  • J. Philip & Mary Ellen Gasteier Scholarship: Justin Kotsopoulos
  • James McKeen Memorial Scholarship: Jason Majoy
  • Jim Hauser Memorial Scholarship: Jordan Coleman
  • JoAnn Sandra Weiland Lang Memorial Scholarship: Makayla Williams, Nancy Siegel, Bella Bodi
  • Kara Deering Memorial Scholarship: Allison Schuster, Kathryn Visci
  • Kevin Sullivan Memorial Scholarship: Audra Sennish, Noah Rawson
  • Kinsel Family Scholarship for Mission & Service: Kaylee Hiser
  • Kiwanis Club of Sandusky Scholarship: Paige Skaff
  • Matt Speer Memorial Scholarship: Maggie Oddo
  • Moonbeam Scholarship: John Sharkey
  • Oapse Union Scholarship: Kaylee Hiser
  • Perkins Administrative Scholarship: Claire Stefano
  • Perkins Alumni & Friends Scholarship: McClain Farley, Allison Schuster, Audra Sennish, Kaylynn Welch, Nancy Siegel, Logan Schoen
  • Perkins Athletic Booster Club Scholarships: Joe Printy, Isaac Grude, Dylan Nason, Blake Smith, Ryleigh Knupke, Maggie Oddo, Mckenzie Harris, Sydney Thom, Ryan Johnson
  • Perkins Board of Education Scholarship: Olivia Weatherly
  • Perkins Community Scholarship: Claire Stefano
  • Perkins Education Association Scholarship: Hannah Baum, Morgyn Naufel, Madisyn Naufel
  • Perkins Football Parents Scholarship: John Mark Zirkle
  • Perkins Memorial Scholarship: Maria Schoder
  • Perkins High School PTO Scholarship: McClain Farley, Kalynn Welch, Olivia Weatherly, Margaret Wessels, Andrew McVeigh, Makayla Williams
  • PHS Drama Club Scholarship: Noah Rawson
  • PHS National Honor Society Scholarship: Olivia Weatherly, Isaac Grude, Paige Skaff, Nancy Siegel, Kalynn Welch, Kathryn Visci, Audra Sennish, Makayla Williams, Linh Ngo, Maria Schoder
  • PHS NHS/Red Cross Scholarship: McClain Farley, Claire Stefano, Kaylee Hiser, Kennedy Cantelli, Joseph Printy
  • PHS Student Council Scholarship: Olivia Weatherly, Hailey Yaratch, Lillie Boose, Mckenzie Harris
  • PHS Talent Show Scholarship: Lillie Boose
  • PHS Vocal Music Scholarship: Noah Rawson
  • Puckrin Family Scholarship: Dessa Dubbert, Kaylee Hiser, Logan Schoen
  • Run As To Win Scholarship: Jason Majoy
  • Russell Classic Scholarship: Donielle Shumate, Marah Trautman
  • Sandusky Bay Kiwanis Community Services Scholarship: Elizabeth Walker
  • Sandusky Elks #285 Scholarship: Linh Ngo
  • Sandusky Lions Club Scholarship: Matthew Schaeffer
  • Schlessman Seed Company Scholarship: Dehvin Shumate
  • Sidney Frohman Scholarship: Olivia Weatherly, Linh Ngo, Hannah Baum, John Sharkey, Paige Skaff
  • Steve Fosco Athletic Scholarship: Andrew McVeigh
  • Stone Ambos Memorial Scholarship: Andrew McVeigh, Nancy Siegel
  • Sunny Brook Trout Club/Chuck Teagarden Scholarship: Lucas Salmon
  • Chuck Teagarden Memorial Scholarship: Logan Schoen, Nancy Siegel, Sydney Thom, Ryleigh Knupke, Maggie Oddo
  • William Didelius Scholarship: Elizabeth Walker, Lillie Boose, Dylan Nason
  • Madison Brenton Memorial Scholarship: McClain Farley
  • Amvets Ladies Auxiliary: Maggie Oddo
  • Knights of Columbus: Maria Schoder
  • Vacationland Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Audra Sennish, Allison Schuster
  • Christopher Perrin Scholarship: Bella Bodi

Scholarship Night 2019

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