High School Dance Policy


In an effort to provide a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for students attending a dance at Perkins High School, we have established a few expectations. We would like to ensure that our students are aware of those expectations before committing to attend.

Students will be required to dance in a respectful manner, which does not include what would be considered "grinding" or "dirty dancing" as a couple or in a group. That style of dancing may be appropriate for clubbing or private parties but is not acceptable in a school setting.

For that reason, any student found to be "grinding" or "dirty dancing" in what appears to be sexual in nature will be warned by a chaperone. If a student has to be reminded a second time, he/she will be asked to leave the dance.

In order to purchase a ticket to the dance, this form must be completed by his/her parent prior to purchasing a ticket. Non-Perkins High School students, who are attending the dance as a guest, must fill out the "Dance Registration Application". This form must be turned in when the ticket is being purchased by the host student.

Parents and Students must sign-on to the PowerSchool Student/Guardian Portal.

Under Ecollect Forms select Dance Policy and open the form. Read and electronically sign the form and submit.