Education Experience

Beth Comparette Tests Teaching At Meadowlawn As Career Option
Posted on 11/05/2019
Beth Comparette works with a Meadowlawn student for her Academy Experience
One of the most powerful outcomes of an Academy Experience is helping a soon-to-be Pirate alum confirm that he or she is on the correct career path.

Thinking ahead to her future, Beth Comparette designed her experience with that outcome in mind.

"I would like to go into either special education or early 
childhood education," she says. "With my academy experience, I would like to further expand my knowledge of what all a job in this field would include, and also confirm which path I would like to take."

She explains that she has worked with younger cousins 
and family friends and greatly enjoys helping them academically.

"Ultimately, I 
wish to ensure this is definitely what I would like to do before being
introduced to it in a college setting," Beth says.

Based upon the focus of each student’s experience a matching field site and
coordinating mentor is found. For Beth’s experience, she was matched with
Meadowlawn Intermediate School fourth-grade teacher Mrs. Julia Mack.

I have been working with Mrs. Mack's class during their math time and a small portion of their ELA time," Beth says. "For the last few weeks, the kids have been working on factoring and factor pairs. I’ve also had
a chance to interact with other teachers to gain a sense of how teaching standards have changed.

"This truly has been a great experience so far, and 
I've really enjoyed my visits to Meadowlawn."