Law Experience

Evie Mulvin Sets Her Eyes On A Legal Career
Posted on 11/18/2019
Evie Mulvin has her eyes set on the legal field. She is using her Academy Experience to prep for a future in the legal arena.

She, along with fellow junior Diana Schoder, are learning more about the inner workings of the legal system at the local level.

They are teamed with
 professionals at the Erie County Prosecutor's Office and the Erie County Public Defender's Office, including Susan Brown, an assistant prosecutor, and Jeff Whitacre, an attorney for Erie County Public Defender's Office.

In her site visits to local courtrooms and her 
interactions with legal professionals, Evie is learning about the many levels on which the legal system operates. 

"One specific case I recently examined has stuck with 
me," Evie says. "The plaintiff was a Spanish-speaking man who worked at a company for over 30 years. He suffered an injury while on the job and he is supposed to get health privileges since he was hurt while he was at work.

"As a result of his injury, he now has 
limited physical abilities," she continues. "His employer tried to find a position for him where he would still be able to work, accommodating for his limited physical abilities. Due to his language skills, speaking only Spanish, they could not find a position for him."

As a result, the employer terminated the man. The man is suing his former employer for wrongful termination based upon discrimination due to his health condition.

As a perfect fit for her overall experience goals, Evie is 
also participating in Mock Trial and completing an online course in legal ethics. 

"In Mock Trial we are starting to get into this year’s case which focuses on students, freedom of speech and gun rights," Evie says. "Each day we get together and read the script and highlight what is important to know for a witness to say and what the lawyers should know about the case. In our analysis, we looked at the treatment of students and speakers at the March for Our Lives, an event focused on gun control."

At this event, student organizers and speakers did not get suspended for voicing their position on the issue of gun control. While students at the center of the case we are reviewing, held a similar event and voice their opinions on gun control. These students were subject to consequences at their high school.