Finance Experience

Brandon Lee Explores Stocks, Financial World
Posted on 11/26/2019
Brandon Lee is exploring trends in stocks and other aspects of investing during his site visits with Tim Weyer of CTM Financial Advisors

When asked about what the driving forces behind his Academy Experience, sophomore Brandon Lee says he is looking for something valuable.

In his Academy Experience, Brandon is exploring trends in stocks and investing at CTM Financial Advisors.

"I want to use the Academy Experience to learn about a career that I could potentially pursue as an adult," Brandon says. "In my experience I want to learn more about economics."

Specifically, he says he interested in learning about the I stock market and forensic accounting.

"In the stock market I want to learn about different ways or tactics people use to make money because I want to be smart with my money and surround my future with smart investments," Brandon says.

"The reason I want to learn about forensic accounting is because this is the career I am really interested in this career and want to explore what a forensic accountant does. I want to see if I would be suited for that career, so I can change my path before college."

When asked what he is learning in his experience, Brandon said that he and Tim Weyer of CTM Financial Advisors recently talked about Beyond Meat tanking and PE Ratios.

"Beyond Meat was very overhyped and it’s stock price was once at $234, but now it is at $80.73."

"The last thing we talked about was what the were PE ratios. The price-to-earnings ratio is the ratio of a company’s share price to their earnings per share. This can be compared to the S&P’s PE ratio, which is around 22, to show whether a company is overvalued or undervalued."