Gast Gets OSU Scholarship

PHS Senior Wins Academic Scholarship To OSU
Posted on 04/24/2020
PHS senior Nolan Gast
Nolan Gast’s passion is food science. And, it’s paying dividends. 

Earlier this month, Nolan was notified by the Ohio State University’s College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Sciences that he was awarded The Phillip and Gail Minerich Scholarship. The scholarship, valued at $11,518 annually, will cover his tuition and fees, and can be renewed each year provided he maintains a 3.0 GPA and remains in the school, said Pat Whittington, assistant dean for Student Development in the College of Food, Agriculture, and Environmental Science. 

Nolan also is to receive a $1,500 scholarship from the college, which can be applied to college expenses, including room and board, Dr. Whittington said.

Among applicants for the Minerich Scholarship, Nolan stood out not only because of his class rank and ACT score, but also because of work experience gained in the Perkins High School Academy Experience program, Dr. Whittington said. For his senior year, Nolan spent part of his time working in the food laboratories at JBT Corp., a food processing and process development facility in Sandusky. 

At JBT, Nolan got “a little taste of everything” in the food production industry, said Bob Stacy, the Divisional Product Manager at JBT. Not only was he in the labs, but Nolan has also researched JBT’s competitors and met customers, and he’s even spent time in the mailroom pasting shipping labels.

“This shows us that Nolan is not someone who just picked a major out of the air,” Dr. Whittington said. “He’s actually worked in the field.”

PHS Principal Jeff Harbal said it’s fitting that Nolan receive the scholarship.

"We have been excited about the unique opportunities the PHS Academy Experience would give our students,” Mr. Harbal said. “It is awesome to see the experience Nolan was able to obtain through JBT and that it paid off for him in a full tuition scholarship. Nolan is an outstanding student and we are proud of his accomplishments."

Nolan is the second person to be awarded the Minerich Scholarship, Dr. Whittington said. The first recipient will graduate this spring, and only a single person has the scholarship at a time.