Pirates for Peers

An awareness of self is the first step in developing an awareness of others and aiding in their personal growth. This program will give students an opportunity to develop self-awareness while receiving training in facilitation skills as a means to helping their peers. Training will include such areas as: confidentiality, active listening, resource identification and referral, and problem solving.

The students wishing to enroll in this program must meet the following criteria:

  1. A desire to help others
  2. A good attendance record
  3. An application must be completed and returned to the Guidance Office
  4. Recommendations from instructors must be submitted to the counselors
  5. Positive classroom experiences

The Pirates for Peers program will operate as follows:

  1. The students must be enrolled in the program for a full year
  2. Training for the first nine weeks include instruction on basic facilitation skills, practicing active listening, making referrals, tutoring, and leading small groups. The rest of the school year will be spent on skill development, stress and conflict management.
  3. Training will be experimental as students learn helping skills by doing
  4. Students need to be willing to plan and perform many services to the school and community throughout the year.
  5. Program is limited to 16