Graduation Requirements/Honors Diploma


See Ohio Department of Education website on graduation requirements for 2017 and beyond graduates.

State of Ohio Graduation Requirements


To be awarded an Honors Diploma, the student shall be required to meet all but one of the criteria listed below for either the College Preparatory or the Vocational Education curriculum. A student shall not be required to meet more than the specified number of criteria, nor shall any student be required to meet any one specified criterion.

College Preparatory

The student who completes the College Preparatory curriculum in the high school shall meet at least seven of the following eight criteria:

___ 1. Maintain an overall high school cumulative grade point average of at least 3.5 on a four-point
scale up to the last grading period of the senior year.

___ 2. Obtain a composite score of 27* on the American College Testing program’s ACT tests
(excluding the optional writing test) or an equivalent combined score on the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) of 1280* (excluding the required writing section).
* values of these two scores are subject to change and are set by ODE in the spring of a student’s junior year.

___ 3. Earn 4 units of English

___ 4. Earn 4 units of mathematics, which shall include Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry and another higher level course, or complete a four-year sequence of courses that contains
equivalent content.

___ 5. Earn 4 units of science, which shall include 1 unit of biology and 2 units of advanced science

___ 6. Earn 4 units of social studies.

___ 7. Earn either 3 units of one foreign language or 2 units each of two foreign languages.

___ 8. Earn 1 unit of fine arts.


Adopted by Perkins Board of Education March, 2006

Students completing the following requirements will be eligible to receive the Diploma of Distinction:

Service must be performed at an organized, structured and recognized institution. Service performed for friends or family members will not qualify.

Students that are members of any PHS club/organization can not use the required hours of that club/organization for Diploma of Distinction hours.

Students will always conduct themselves as courteous representatives of their school.

Students will treat all types of people they meet with respect, courtesy and dignity.

Any sensitive information that students are exposed to will remain confidential.

Students are responsible for making arrangements for their volunteering experience.

Students will be punctual and will notify their supervisors in advance if they are unable to attend as scheduled.

Students will be honest in recording their time.

credit for volunteering must be documented and verified. There can be NO compensation for this service.

A typed one-page reaction will be submitted to the principal at the conclusion of the service activity.

In addition the following requirements must also be met to receive the Diploma of Distinction:

Successfully passed all 5 sections of the OGT
Completion and documentation of 100 hours of community service
Have achieved a minimum cumulative 3.0 grade point average
Have earned 25 credits including:
4 credits of English
4 credits of Social Studies
4 credits of Science
4 credits of Math
2 credits of the same foreign language
1 credit of fine or performing arts

The 100 hours of service must be completed by the end of seven (7) semesters.